Registration for Examinations

For examinations, you can register online via the CAU portal, tab page My studies - Exams (registration/deregistration). Students from other faculties who are enrolled in modules of the Faculty of Philosophy within the framework of minor, application or elective subjects can also register online, provided that these exports are listed in the subject examination regulations. Otherwise, a registration form is required during the respective registration period. You will receive the necessary form during office hours or upon request by e-mail. read more

If you have any problems with the online registration, please come to our office within the registration period, call us or contact us by e-mail so that we can solve the problem in such a way that you can register online on time or hand over the registration form to you if required.

If you are completing modules that are not part of your course of study (as a further course achievement or as a condition/recommendation for the Master's programme), you can also register using the registration form provided here.

During the entire registration period, you may cancel your registration without giving any reason. Attention: If cancellation is not possible via the CAU portal, you can cancel your registration by filling out the form within the deadlines specified. If required, you will also receive the form during office hours or by e-mail upon request.

It is not possible to register for or cancel examinations by e-mail. Scanned forms, which you may have received from the Examination Office, may only be accepted and processed if they are signed AND sent from the 'stu address'.

Always use the "Info on Exams (internships)" function to check whether the required registrations and cancellations have actually been recorded in the system and whether you have overlooked an error message during the registration process.

Create a printout or at least a screenshot using the function "Info about logged in tests". Keep the printout in a safe place; you may need it later as proof when clarifying discrepancies.

If, instead of registering online, you register for the exam in a different way, you will be informed accordingly during the course!

ZfS block seminars during the lecture-free period. For the registration for examinations in ZfS block seminars (Key Skills Centre), registration lists are issued by the lecturers in the courses. The registration lists are sent by the lecturers to the Joint Examination Office. A corresponding note (e.g. "Registration via list in block seminar") is displayed in the online registration tree for the respective exams and you will be informed about special registration requirements during the course.