Registration for Examinations

For examinations, the online registration is available via the CAU portal. If the online registration is not possible, a registration by form is necessary in the respective registration period. The form can be obtained during the consultation hours or on request by e-mail. read more

If you have problems with the online registration, please come to the consultation office within the registration period, call us or contact us by e-mail, so we can solve the problem.

During the entire registration period, you can unsubscribe from your registered examinations without reasons. Caution: If the cancellation is not possible via the CAU portal, it must be made via the form during the specified deadlines. You can get the form provided during the consultation hours or by e-mail on request.

It is not possible to register or to cancel an examination by e-mail. Any forms you may have received from the Examination Office may only be accepted and processed if they are signed AND are sent from the student's address.

It is very important that you check your registration or cancellation was successful under “Info über angemeldete Prüfungen” (information on exams) or “Liste der stornierten und nicht zugelassenen Prüfungen” (list of cancelled and unauthorised exams). Finish each online session by printing out the “Info über angemeldete Prüfungen” (information on exams). Keep this print-out in a safe place; you may need it later as evidence when settling any disagreements. If any changes are made at a later date, a new print-out will be necessary!